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Our most Common Questions!

FAQ about our storage shed plans

  • What type of foundation do your buildings have?
  • Do you plan to add more buildings?
  • Can I make a building larger than the plan design ?
  • What is the cost to build a building?
  • Can I make the buildings smaller than the plan design?
  • How many pages are the plans ?

    1.What type of fondation do your buildings have?

    The plans call for the buildings to set on 4"x4" pressure treated lumber with 2"x4" pressure treated floor joists. The floor by the plans is 3/4inch CDX plywood. You can leave out this floor and put the building on a concrete slab. The cost for the floor is about the same either way.

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    2. Do you plan to add more buildings?

    YES, we are always looking for new buildings and ways to change our standard building selection. We hope if you don't find what you are looking for this time, you will the next time you stop by. If you have any ideas e-mail us.

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    3. Can I make a building larger than the plan design?

    Yes, sometimes.  Because not all the plans use the standard truss system (some are ridge beam and rafters) for the roof system, we do not recommend you expand a building without checking with an engineer first.

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    4. What does it cost to build a building?

    I get asked this question a lot. The cost depends on the building and what area you are located in. I have estimates for many of the buildings from around the country. Plan #302 the 10'x14' saltbox runs between $600 and $785. From the information I have you can save between 60% and 70% by building it yourself.

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    5. Can I make the buildings smaller than the plan design ?

    We believe you can always make a building smaller than the plan design. If you like the style, but the building is too big, it is easy to shorten the side walls or narrow the front and back. If you down size a building, don't forget to change your end and birdmouth cuts. The full size rafter cut out is for the stated building size.

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    6. How many pages are the plans?

    Plans are between 14 and 20 pages, depending on thebuilding you have selected.

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